Patella Malalignment Pre-Surgery Information

The following is what can be expected prior to MPFL Reconstruction Surgery to fix patella malalignment:

Examinations: X-rays will be taken and a CT scan or MRI may also be needed to identify the extent of the injury and damage.

Skin preparation: Night prior to and morning of operation, patient is required to wash leg with a sponge provided in the pre-admission clinic. Betadine Skin test is occasionally used if there is suspicion of an allergy to iodine.

Bowel Prep: Glycerin suppositories will be provided at the pre-admission clinic. Patient to is required to administer the evening prior to surgery (instruction leaflet given at the pre-admission clinic).

Patient education: Physiotherapy assessment will include: instruction of gait training, use of crutches and pre and postoperative exercises. Patient will be fitted for crutches to take home and practice preoperatively.

Medications: Cease aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications 10 days prior to surgery as well as any naturopathic or herbal medications.


Day of Surgery:

Surgical paperwork will be administered by the nurses and the anaesthetist will meet with the patient to ask a few questions.

A hospital gown will be given and the operation site will be shaved and cleaned.

Betadine skin prep will be applied to above area and wrapped.

All x-rays are to be sent with patient to theatre.