Total Hip Replacement (Anterior approach) Pre-surgery Information

This video follows a patient preparing to undergo a minimally invasive anterior approach Total Hip Replacement from consultations through to final pre-surgery checks and hip templating.

It is Part 2 of a four video series that provides a detailed look at the process from pre-surgery to recovery of a total hip replacement by Professor Munjed Al Muderis. 

Click here to view Part 1 - Initial Consultation

Click here to view Part 3 - Operation

Click here to view Part 4 - Recovery 


The following is what can be expected prior to minimally invasive anterior approach hip replacement surgery:

Skin preparation: Night prior to and morning of operation patient is required to wash leg, hip and pubic area to the midline with a sponge provided in the pre-admission clinic. Occasionally a Betadine Skin test is used if there is suspicion of an allergy to iodine.

Bowel Prep: Glycerin suppositories will be provided at the pre-admission clinic. Patient to is required to administer the evening prior to surgery (instruction leaflet given at the pre-admission clinic).

Patient education: Physiotherapy assessment will include: instruction of gait training, use of crutches and pre and postoperative exercises. Patient will be fitted for crutches to take home and practice preoperatively.

Medications: Cease aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications 10 days prior to surgery as well as any naturopathic or herbal medications.


Day of Surgery:

Surgical paperwork will be administered by the nurses and the anaesthetist will meet with you to ask a few questions.

A hospital gown will be given and the operation site will be shaved and cleaned.

The area to be prepared extends from the iliac crest (hip bone) laterally down the hip and thigh to the knee (i.e. side of leg only). The pubic/genital region is not touched.

Betadine skin prep will be applied to above area and wrapped.

All x-rays are to be sent with patient to theatre.