Hip Revision Arthroplasty Post Surgery Information

The following is what can be expected following hip revision arthroplasty: 

On the day following surgery your drains will usually be removed and you will be allowed to sit out of bed or walk with a physiotherapist.

You can expect be discharged home or to a rehabilitation hospital approximately 5-7 days after surgery depending on your level of pain and available help at home.

Your rehabilitation plan will vary depending on the surgical procedure and approach decided upon but you can expect to use crutches or a walker for a period of time. 

Physiotherapy is recommended and a physiotherapist will run through what is involved in the post-surgical program. 


Post-op precautions:

It is important that you avoid any movements that will stress, damage or lead to dislocation of your new hip:

  • For the first six weeks it is recommended you sleep with a pillow between your legs
  • Avoid crossing your legs and bending your hip past a right angle
  • Avoid low chairs and bending over to pick things up. Grabbers can be helpful with this as well as shoe horns
  • Avoid the combined movement of bending your hip and turning your foot in as this can lead to dislocation



Please contact the office if you are worried about your level of pain, have significant bleeding, or have fever or redness around the surgical site.

If you require assistance after hours, please contact the hospital where the surgery was performed and they will contact A/Prof Al Muderis on your behalf.

Norwest Private Hospital: (02) 8882 8882?

Sydney Adventist Hospital: (02) 9487 9111

Macquarie University Hospital: (02) 9812 3000


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