Hip SurgeryHip Surgery

Specialisation in Muscle sparing and fast recovery based Direct Anterior approach for primary and complex revision hip replacement. Hip joint preservation surgeries including Hip arthroscopy.

Knee SurgeryKnee Surgery

Robotic and Computer Navigated Knee replacement in addition to anatomy preserving techniques in ligamentous injuries around the knee including ACL reconstructions.

Limb DeformityLimb Deformity

Specialising in limb deformity correction, limb lengthening, limb deficiency, complex primary & revision joint replacement, bone & joint infection, complex foot & ankle,  arthritic ankle joint replacement.


Transcutaneous Osseointegration technology withrobotic artificial limbsfor amputees. This is designed to be as close to the human anatomy as possible to help the patient mobilise better.

Other SurgeryOther Surgery

Leading management techniques of Fractures around the Hip, Knee , Ankle, Wrist, Elbow including Complex and neglected fractures.

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